Everything You Need to Know - 401(k)s E-Book

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The average person spends over $138,000 in 401(k) fees over their lifetime...I think you can conclude that is a MAJOR issue! 

My goal with this e-book is to educate you on these predatory fees that many are unaware of and much more. It is VERY easy to adjust for these fees once you educate yourself on these fees, but without understanding them fully, you may be the next victim!

In Everything YOU Need to Know About Your 401(k), you will learn about:

• What a 401(k) Plan is

• How to get started investing

• How to save hundreds of thousands in fees!

• The benefits of Roth 401(k)'s vs. Traditional 401(k)'s

• Types of investment products available to you

• When & How much to invest

• Compound Interest

• Fundamental Investing rules to follow

And that's not all...I will also add a FREE 401(k)Investing Glossary 

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